Practical Guidance and Research

Practical Guidance and Research Current Work The NWSRG Practical Guide for Winter Service In 2010 the NWSRG recognised that generally available guidance in the UK and the Code of Practice did not represent the advances that had been made in understanding how to deliver more efficient and economical winter service. The NWSRG therefore proposed to produce […]
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Memberships & Subscriptions

Membership & Subscriptions The minimum rates for members of the NWSRG are as follows: Members Members comprise UK Highway or Roads Authorities, consultants, contractors and other organisations that provide winter service. They pay an annual subscription based on the length of treated network published by each member which gives them access to the most up-to-date […]
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NWSRG Work Programme

NWSRG Work Programme Current NWSRG Work Programme The programme of work is set by the NWSRG Steering Group to align with the overall objectives of the UK Roads Board. The details of the forward work programme can be viewed below: NWSRG Business Plan Discover NWSRG About NWSRG NWSRG Steering Group Current Members & Associates Practical […]
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About Us

About NWSRG Purpose of NWSRG The NWSRG is a members group dedicated to advancing understanding of best practice for winter service delivery, taking the best from currently available knowledge and supplementing any gaps with new knowledge and research. Following the recommendations set out in the independent report, commissioned by DfT, “The Resilience of England’s Transport Systems in Winter […]
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